Test your speed and agility

Fast, fun and addictive – the Interactive Reaction Wall challenges the participant to hit as many illuminated targets as possible in 30 seconds.The scores are then posted to the leader board, and your guests competitive edge will start to show!

With a number of varying game modes, >we can cater to any age or skill group, meaning that this experience can fit into an array of events such as corporate, school functions, sport-themed, birthdays, Bat/Bar Mitzvahs, and more.

The thrill and pace of the Interactive Reaction Wall will be a crowd pleader among adults and kids alike!

Packaged up in a neat stainless steel frame, the Interactive Reaction Wall is quick and easy to setup and pack down. With the added ability of being either wall mounted or free-standing, it won’t crowd your event space!

Contact us now and get ready to embrace an experience like no other!