Silent Disco Hire Brisbane Edition

Party Higher, Queensland’s Silent Disco experts specialise in providing fun filled Silent Disco Services in the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

What can you expect at our silent disco parties?

  • Plenty of music
  • Everyone communicating with intriguing hand gestures
  • When you look around you will find over-expressive faces
  • Hassle free silent disco and more
  • Party Higher offers the best silent disco party for all ages with plenty of edgy services

Silent disco hire Brisbane services 4 kids Parties

We are the one and only best silent disco for kids in Gold Coast and Brisbane. We provide the ideal celebration for your children, we host fun filled parties with activities for kids, kids DJ, lots of dancing, glowing headsets, and more. Kids can also adjust their volume levels on their headphones for a safe yet fun experience. Reach us to host the unforgettable silent disco party for your children.

Silent disco hire Brisbane services for school events

Party Higher offers an artistic form of silent disco in Brisbane with exciting playlists and dance parties for the post-rave generation of kids and youngsters. We have crafted the best experiences for the young group of crowds, we host school fetes, incursions, fundraisers and holiday programs. This is undoubtedly the trending culture among youngsters, so call us to host a silent disco event at your school.

Silent disco hire Brisbane services for birthday parties

Do you want us to host an awesome birthday party? We will arrange a party were every age group can have fun and not be bored. We have lists of playlists for you and your family, guaranteed fun for everyone. We will change your small living room into a happening disco place with lights, lasers, smoke machine, signs and more. Give us a call and we will bring your dream silent disco birthday party to life.

Silent disco hire Brisbane services for corporate event

Our corporate events are showing no sign of slowing down, silent disco Brisbane is the most interactive form of expression for the working class. We at Party Higher have understood that corporate crowd work hard and should party harder, so we have crafted music based on their interests. We guarantee unlimited fun and would please every management. Call us now for hosting the next happening corporate party.

Silent disco hire Brisbane services for wellbeing

Party Higher provides the best health-based events for different age groups. We host silent dance classes, silent yoga, silent exercise and silent aged care services. Silent aged care program has proven to be effective for reducing dementia, stress levels and anxiety in the elderly population. We highly recommend these events to all the fitness enthusiasts and elderly adults.

Silent disco hire Brisbane services for festivals

We often describe silent disco festival as kaleidoscope of dance form, it is hassle free, no noise and only fun. We have hosted amazing events and have got feedbacks beyond our expectations. Party Higher offers silent disco services for very small marquee to large venues with every facility needed for the event. Be a part of our silent disco journey by giving us a call.

Party Higher – Silent disco hire for fun filled events

Overall, we provide a full Silent Disco hire service with Professional DJ’s, trained staff, light up headphone stands, LED Limbo bar, Slushie/Daiquiri Machines, Interactive Entertainment and lots more.

To experience silent disco in Brisbane or Silent Disco in QLD and want a hassle-free event, with personalised local service then call us now – Party Higher on toll free 1300 734 726.