Unique Festival Entertainment

Where we started from. Silent Disco was first used for the Glastonbury Festival due to noise restrictions. Years later we have provided our Silent Disco services for many music, community, council and children’s Festivals across Australia.

Some of the festivals we have been a highlight at include: St Kilda Festival, Moomba, Melbourne Racing Festival, Wodonga Children’s Festival, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Confest and Mind & Body Festival.

Whether you are wanting a small marquee with interactive games and activities or dance, yoga or meditation classes through the headsets or a large Marquee/stage with three DJ’s and special effects…we we can tailor a package to suit your festival entertainment needs.

WORLD FIRST – Immersive, tactile, sensory Silent Disco Experience.
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The great part of our expertise is that we manage it all for you from staff, DJ’s and seemless operations of our services. So if you are looking to have a wow factor at your next festival then contact us to arrange a time to catch up.

Wireless Headphone Entertainment Benefits:
  • Increase attendee numbers with a proven WOW factor.
  • Multi-channel use for simultaneous entertainment options.
  • Inclusive technology – can be used by people of all abilities.
  • Optional family entertainment with professional facilitators for kids.
  • No noise restrictions.
  • Built in hearing protection.


Cultures, Music Tastes, Ages and Spaces (Indoor or Outdoor)

  • Silent Disco
  • Silent Yoga
  • Silent Movies
  • Silent Meditation
  • Silent Kids Activities
Some of our past clients: Vivid, Moomba, White Night, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Confest, Melbourne Racing Festival, Wodonga Children’s Festival, Brimbank Night Festival, Melbourne writers festival, Comedy Festival, Bass in the Grass and Mind & Body Festival.

Case Studies

1) Confest – where Party Higher director Paul, first experienced it and fell in love the bliss that it brought people. From Silent movies for the kids over easter and Christmas, to Silent Disco 4 Kids™ entertainment to full DJ line up of over 30 DJ’s from around the world performing in a Marquee with open Garden chill zone. With 500 headphones there were still 100’s of keen attendees queueing every night to get in. It is now a highlight of the festival.

2) Rainbow Serpent Festival – We thought it may not be popular as there are so many stages of music and amazing DJ’s. We were so wrong. With 3 times the choice of DJ’s, on our lotus shaped organic 3 way DJ stage, the crowd never stopped wanting more. It was a huge hit.

3) Glen Eira Fun in The Park Festival of events. Party higher performed at all three. Being able to entertain kids, teens, adults and even grandparents is a skill our professional facilitators have. It was so popular.

4) Victorian Writers Festival (opening night). You had to sign a waiver as you walked in of silence – no talking allowed. You could only write messages to each other. Three areas, one with classical music in the victorian library, another room with a DJ playing some groovy beats and a third larger room with a full band playing on amplified instruments. Without headphones on you heard tap, tap tap of the electric drums, and strum strum of the guitars and the raw vocals then put the headphones on and WOW like being in a recording studio.

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