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Looking for an original idea for your School Disco / End of Term /Graduation Party/ School Fete/School Incursion/School Fundraiser or School Holiday Program?

Finally an activity that appeals to all ages/students that are active or non active, social or non- social, confident or shy. They will all be engaged and absolutely love it.”


Benefits of running a Silent Disco 4 Kids at your school event:

1. More Fun
Silent Disco is very social and creates more interaction between students. Our Party Facilitator / DJ engages everyone with activities, creating great community spirit and transforms your venue into a visual spectacle with our lights, lasers and special effects.

2. The latest craze
Combining Technology, Music, Dancing and Games is the perfect recipe for FUN.

3. More Choice

With School discos and fundraisers and older students we provide three channels of safe kid friendly music. Students can choose between three channels of different music.

With no noise pollution you can choose to do an event inside a classroom or hall or outside courtyard without disturbing neighbours or other classrooms.

4. Sound that is Safe
We ensure that the volume levels on the Wireless Headphones are set at a safe level for kids and every headphone has adjustable volume control. With choice of adjusting your own volume on each headphone students with hearing impairments and on the spectrum will love being in control.

If you need a break, just take off the headphones! There’s no more yelling into another person’s ear over the music to have a conversation.

Mapped to the Australian Curriculum
Our Events/Programs deliver the following Learning Outcomes:
* Builds confidence
* Promotes team work
* Provides exercise
* Fosters creativity
* Encourages listening skills

We also offer a whole range of other services and activities to compliment your School event, e.g.:
– UV Face and Body Painting
– Healthy fruit based Slushy Machines
– Photo booths
– Silent Yoga

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More importantly we can tailor a specific solution around your school committee’s wish list, so talk to us today and make your next school event an unforgettable experience.

Party Higher would love the opportunity to further discuss your School Event or
– School Fetes
– School Incursions
– School Fundraisers
– School Holiday Programs

Call us toll free on 1300 734 726 so we can help you hassle free arrange the most memorable FUN event for your students or even staff.

We can cater for most budgets so call us to discuss how we can make your event a success.