Party Higher Specialize in providing Wellbeing Activities, perfect for any environment where you want to entertain kids, teens, adults or seniors.
Some of our most popular services include:

  • Silent Yoga
  • Silent Meditation
  • Silent Dance Classes
  • Silent Aged Care
  • Silent Zumba/Exercise
  • Silent Team Building

Party Higher have provided the above services for Schools, Shopping Centres, Universities, Council events, Festivals, Corporates, Sporting Clubs and more.
We bring in our professional instructors and staff and manage the whole service for you.

We can even taylor make a program for your organisation eg. Silent Yoga 30mins, Silent Team Building 30mins and then Silent Disco 30mins. (As provided for
companies such as Pfiser and Cotton On) We even provide the music, lights or yoga mats.

Have your own Instructor? No problem, our staff will provide them with a headmic, and all the support they need.

Why Silent Wellbeing with Party Higher?
There is something very powerful about music through headphones. There has been much research on the benefits of Music with Headphones. It is clear that loud

speaker music has less impact then wearing high quality stereo wireless headphones.
Perhaps it is the noise cancellation of distractions around you or the feeling you are safe wearing the headphones as if no one can see you or the fact that you can

adjust your own individual volume control or hear the instructor in your headphones with the music as if he/she was only talking to you.
What ever the reason is, it is evident that engagement of participants is enormously enhanced by utilising our Silent Disco Headphones.


Silent Aged Care
Recent government funded research has shown that Silent Disco 4 Aged Care has had a positive impact on reducing dementia, anxiety and
stress levels in residence and has been shown to have a positive effect on mental health, physical health, and social functioning in older adults,
regardless of their ability.

Party Higher is achieving its goals for improving lifestyle and entertainment for residences by providing the latest in Fun, Music Therapy – Silent Disco 4 Aged Care. Our unique program not only is providing a method to reduce the onset and regression of dementia but is also known to improve both residence and staff

Party Higher are the only Silent Disco 4 Aged Care Program to operate Australia Wide (Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Darwin) with fully trained, accredited professional facilitators.

Call our toll free number on 1300734726 to discuss how Party Higher can make your event unforgettable.