Party Highers’ Corporate Team Building Programs: Empower Your Staff, Strengthen Your Business.

Party Higher are Australia’s leading wireless headphone specialists, but did you know we have also designed and delivered award winning team building activities and programs for groups like sports clubs, corporate teams, and entire organizations.

These sessions are run with all attendees wearing our three channel, hi-tech wireless headphones. Our professional staff will communicate with your team via the headsets and know how to engage with all levels of management, and people of all ages and back grounds. While many people have experienced team building before, Party Higher have come up with some truly innovative team building ideas that will get people to relax, connect, have fun, and step a little out of their comfort zone – so you can all grow together.

We design each session according to your sports club, or businesses’ requirements. The benefits of team building cannot be understated – and are especially valuable now as many people return to the office after some time away during 2020s’ work from home restrictions due to COVID. People need to reconnect now more than ever.

These benefits to your business, club, or association include:

  • Better communication: During our sessions, your staff will be fully engaged in games and activities that require them to communicate effectively with each-other, and to achieve a shared common goal.
  • Increased productivity: better communication will have a positive effect on productivity levels when you and your team return to work.
  • Improved morale: Our activities will help your staff to break down any barriers they might have between each other and management too, in the fun, relaxed atmosphere we create. This change will have a strong, positive effect back in the workplace, and positively impact morale.
  • Increased motivation: When you invest in Party Higher team building for your staff, not only are you taking part in some of the best team building activities in Melbourne – you are also investing in your employees. Your staff will feel considered, increasing their motivation.
  • Improved confidence: Participating in silent team building activities can increase employee’s personal confidence and give them the courage to express new ideas back at work.
  • Improved workplace mental health: This is extremely relevant – given the difficult circumstances 2020 saw many individuals, staff, and businesses experience. Party Highers’ innovative and out of the box team building ideas will help your team and staff view their colleagues in a new light. Also, our sessions will have your group solving problems and taking part in moderate physical activities – engaging the brain and the body, which will leave them feeling great.

Aside from all these great benefits, you and your group will have an activity to look forward to, and to talk about afterwards for months to come. Our new venue in Melbourne is purpose built for entertainment, with a capacity of up to 150 people at once. However, these team building activities are not only available in Melbourne; they can be booked nationally, along with all our other services. With a range of up to 500meteres, our headsets can be worn outside or indoors and cater to large groups, with no compromise to quality of sound or service.

Contact us now to find out more about how Party Higher Silent team building can positively impact your team, group, or organization.

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