Party Higher – Silent Disco – The Ideal Mix Of The Latest Technology And Fun For Your Next Festival Idea

Party higher are Australia’s leading wireless headphone specialists. With our hi-tech three channel wireless headphones and professional, experienced staff – we create unforgettable events for schools, corporate businesses, council events, aged care and more. Did you know that we have been hired to create unique and unforgettable atmospheres at festivals, Australia wide? In fact, Party Highers’ Silent Disco packages are the go-to for many festival and event planners when it comes to festival entertainment.

Festivals are usually outdoors and have a mix of ages in attendance. Take Vivid Festival, in Sydney for example. This event draws a crowd from across the nation, with families, and people of all backgrounds coming to see the spectacle of lights, music, and fun. Party Higher were sought out to entertain people at this event and it was a huge hit.

Days leading up to the start of this event, Party Higher set up our LED Liquid Moving Dance floor (that lights up and moves as you dance on it!), lighting gig bars, an LED DJ programmable console – with our efficient and capable team. Over several days, kids, mums and dads, grandparents and people saw our set up from a distance. As people approached our entertainment area, they were handed their own pair of three channel wireless headphones.

Young and old danced the night away, to the music played by the DJ, or they switched to another channel of different music as they pleased. Smoke machines, lights, and lasers all created an unforgettable vibe – we still have people talking about this event! Party higher is one of the most successful festival ideas you can choose for those planning something big and impactful.

Did you know that Party Higher have won awards for our Children’s programs? These programs range from dancing, to art, sport, drama and more. As part of your festival, having us come along is so effective for kids and families – because we dedicate one channel on our three channel headsets – just to entertain kids! Over this channel, our kids party facilitator will play party games, and activities from our kid’s programs to keep children entertained the whole time.

It is up to you when you are coming up with festival ideas for your event if you want to have a kid’s entertainer, in a dedicated part of the festival to solely entertain children with dancing and fun games and activities, or if you would like to have a professional DJ playing or other channels of music in operation. Choosing this option means kids and adults get to party and be entertained at the same time.

Party Highers’ wireless headphones have a range of up to 500m, with no compromise in quality over this distance. Therefore, you can arrange an event over a large space, with lots of people; or have guests spread out over a considerable distance, for a yoga session for example.

This factor is also important to note when it comes to social distancing. As we face ongoing challenges with health regulations and restrictions, in various parts of Australia, at different times – festivals and festival entertainment need to be planned with safety at the forefront of decisions.

Taking the safety of our patrons extremely seriously – Party Higher have invested in UV sanitization wands to be used at all our events to sanitize equipment. We also already fully sanitise our headsets and equipment between uses, with sanitization wipes.

Having worked with many different types of festivals from Moomba, White Night, Writers Festival, Children’s Festival, Brookfield Agricultural Show, Royal Melbourne Show, Melbourne Racing Festival, Confest, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Mordialloc Food and Wine Festival…etc. since we started our business – we are extremely flexible and can create something special around a creative theme or an idea.

We look forward to working with you to help you get the rave reviews you deserve after your next big event.

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