Party Highers’ Corporate Team Building Programs: Empower Your Staff, Strengthen Your Business.

Are you looking for a corporate team building activity that will boost productivity, morale, and have a lasting, positive effect on your corporate culture? Party Highers’ corporate team building programs are the ideal solution to help motivate your staff return to work – after an extended work from home period, or simply invest in, and reward them for their ongoing efforts.

Companies of all sizes and industries book our corporate team building sessions, because what we offer is so diverse, and caters to your special theme, group size, and budget – and it works.

Party Higher events are like no other, and If you are tired of the old approaches to corporate team building; and are ready to shake things up – our professional team have devised a series of options for you to choose from, to create the perfect boost for your business.

Party Higher corporate team building activities involve every attendee wearing their own pair of our three channel wireless headphones, and include a combination of:

  • Silent Team Building: Carefully created interactive organizational development games and activities, designed to give your team a chance to hit re-set. While our programs are based around simply having fun, the psychology behind our approach is proven. To appeal to people on an individual level – it is critical to get help them to let their guard down – and be open to connect with their team in a new way. We have mastered this in our approach; and are proud to see the positive results time and again. People leave feeling better, and they do better. So then does your business.
  • Silent Disco: With up to three channels of music available, you can even have a professional DJ on one channel! Silent Disco is how you please junior management who want to party hard and have the latest music, middle management who want to socialize and senior management who want something conservative and music that is low key – all at the one time!
  • Silent Yoga: With our professional Yoga Instructor, or your own. Your staff will unwind and de-stress each with their own yoga mat.
  • Silent Meditation: Guided and non-guided available.
  • Silent Dance Classes: Choose any dance style you want, our professional teachers will get everyone moving, boosting self-esteem and company morale.
  • Silent Zumba/Exercise: We will provide a professional coach; and boost individual and group physical and mental health.

Each corporate team building activity above, works well as part of a package – however we can create a bespoke package just for you, for example, you can select Silent Team Building (30 Mins), Silent Yoga (30 Mins) and Silent Disco (30 mins, or party into the evening with no need to worry about noise restrictions!), or another combination that suits your group.

Party Higher can also create activities that span over an entire day, where we are part of a longer event – for corporate wellbeing days – or staff training days, where your business is doing some other activities in between each session with us.

Our professional approach, experienced staff, and hi-tech equipment ensure optimum levels of service quality. Also – our three channel wireless headsets have a range of up to 500m, perfect for outdoor or large spaces, or social distancing if required.

Are you ready to take your team or business to the next level? Our corporate team building activities are now one of the most selected team building activities Melbourne has to offer; with our popularity growing in every state across Australia.

Contact us now about how we can create something special for your next training day or corporate event, and experience lasting results.

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