How It Works

Step 1.

Grab a headset


– Silent Disco doesn’t use a traditional speaker system.

– Each person is provided a pair of high quality wireless stereo headphones.

– Each headphone sound is crisp and clear.


Step 2.

Select a channel


– Choose between 3 DJ’s/Music channels, at just a flick of a switch.

– Each channel transmits different music.

– Each person can control their own music choice and volume level (capped at a safe level for children).

Step 2.

Dance, Dance, Dance


– To the outsider it appears as if people are dancing to silence.

– But then you hear some of the crowd start to hum and others start to sing. Before long everyone is dancing and having a blast.

– Then it’s your turn to join in.


  • Party on all hours without disturbing the peace

  • You wont disturb the neighbours

  • Satisfy different music tastes with 3 different channels

  • More people dancing and having fun

  • Safe volume levels, adjustable on your headphones

  • Unique, Novel, New trend Rocking the US & Europe

  • Fun, Cool experience to make your party/event Special