Feel The Beat

WOW – this is for you or anybody who loves music and wants to experience A New Level Of Fun above and beyond anything they have ever experienced before!!!

Party Higher are proud to announce a world first – “FEEL THE BEAT

A fully immersive all-inclusive, tactile sensory Silent Disco Experience.

Now attendees can feel the music by wearing a special vest or strap as well as hearing the music with our special high quality wireless stereo headphones.

This inclusive experience allows people with and without disability, including those d/Deaf (hard of hearing), to feel the music so they can join in and not only dance to the music but actually feel it.


“Feel The Beat” – All inclusive, All Abilities, Silent Disco Immersive Experience by Party Higher.

Put on a Vest/Strap and wireless headphones and hear/feel the music with World first technology.

Feel The Beat, delivers an amplified level of immersion.

Imagine standing in the front row of a Concert/Festival Stage, you know that oomph you feel in your body? That vibrating energy pulsating throughout your whole body?

Party Higher can reproduce and play frequencies up to 250Hz including subsonic frequencies that are below the hearing threshold (1-20Hz).

An amazing tactile, sensory experience for everyone who would like A New Level Of Fun – especially those with disabilities and d/Deaf so they can now Feel the music.

Participant Benefits:

  • Hear the music better
  • Adjustable volume on your headphone
  • Range 500m indoor or outdoor
  • Adjustable Vest/Strap – Fitted on you by our staff
  • Like getting a free Massage with 6 vibrational points
  • Increase circulation – improve blood flow
  • Will allow you to appreciate music on a whole new level
  • Perfect for hearing impaired
  • All inclusive, for people with and without disability and access requirements

This experience is perfect for any event wanting to offer something NEW, UNIQUE, INCLUSIVE, EXCITING AND UNFIYING (for all abilities).

For further information or to see if we have availability please contact us on 1300 734 726

P.S. We have an incredible accessible venue in Melbourne – Moorabbin and a cool blow up portable pop up Disco House too.

We can provide Feel The Beat for any event/activity indoor or outdoor.