1. Isolation Survival Party Pack

Stuck at home with partner, spouse, teenagers or roomies and not sure how you will survive?

Having to work from home with family being a constant distraction?

2. Survival Home Stay Children’s Entertainment Pack

Stuck at home with partner, spouse and all the kids and not sure how you will survive?

Have to work from home with children screaming in the background and being a constant distraction?

Kids driving you crazy to entertain them or play with them all day?

These Survival Home Stay Party Packs come with the following:

Party Higher have the perfect solution:

Terms and Conditions Apply*

Use headphones for

  1. Your own Silent Discos – Plug Transmitter into your phone, IPAD or computer and select your preferred music or Spotify playlist.
  2. Silent Movies – Plug Transmitter into your TV and watch a movie or your favourite Netflix series in total stereo sound.
  3. Silent Yoga – Plug Transmitter into your computer or TV and select on Youtube a Yoga session or kids Yoga Session to have your personal Yoga Instructor take you through a class.
  4. Silent Meditation – Plug Transmitter into your Computer or TV and select on Youtube a Meditation or Kids Meditation session to have your personal Relaxing Meditation Instructor.
  5. Includes access to live stream of Award Winning Party Higher Silent Disco 4 Kids Programs (Session 10am – 11am Friday 3rd April) Subject to government restrictions.

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Please ensure social distancing with the 2m x 2m rule.

All our Headphones and equipment are stringently sterilized with hygienic wipes and UV sterilization process to ensure they are all clean and safe for your use and enjoyment. We recommend, for health reasons that you do not share your headphones.

We understand this is a very stressful period for everyone and kids especially. We encourage parents to try and be relaxed and stay positive and we would love to help your kids to be happy, relaxed and entertained throughout this challenging time. You can hire Party Higher headphones for 7 or 14 days, so please use them as reward sessions for your children to encourage good behavior.

Most importantly, have fun, relax, enjoy and remember together we will all get through this. Both home packages only $150 for the whole week or $250 for two weeks of entertainment and peace of mind.