School Fetes

Have you been searching through the hundreds of school fete ideas for that perfect combination of maximum return on investment and entertainment? One that will not only earn your school the most money, but will have the most people participating, and leave them feeling engaged and connected? Party Higher’s School Fetes have been a huge hit with schools of all sizes, across Australia and are proven to draw more attendance as well as make your school more money. Our Silent Disco 4 Kids™ Fetes are exciting, memorable and fun for all ages.

Benefits of running our Silent Disco 4 Kids™ Service at your school fete:

1. More Fun

Silent Disco is very social and creates more interaction between students, parents, teachers and fete visitors. With multiple channels in operation simultaneously, you can both entertain children having one of our professional and experienced party facilitators engaging everyone on one channel, with games and activities, and music streaming on the other channels for older children and adults. Party Higher silent discos create great community spirit and transform your venue into a visual spectacle with our lights, lasers and special effects, this is the most unforgettable school fete idea you will ever experience. 

Perfect for all Ages

Everyone will have their own pair of wireless headphones, tuned in to channels playing game instructions from the party facilitator, or streaming the latest music hits, we tailor the entertainment to suit all ages. All of our high-quality headphones are set at a safe adjustable volume, are light weight, have adjustable sizing and are so comfortable Compared to any other school fete ideas, a Silent Disco at your fete will ensure no one is left out of this amazing experience. It’s the perfect activity for all ages from 1 – 101

3. Attract More People, Raise More Funds

Being a new international phenomenon, sweeping the world, Silent Disco 4 Kids™ improves your chances of increasing attendance and raising more through ride ticket sales. Most rides/activities can only entertain 5 or 10 children at a time. Having Silent Disco 4 Kids™ at your fete means up to 100 guests at a time can join in. Add Silent Disco to your all-day wrist band offer or have it as a special extra using tokens or coins to enter. Everybody will want to try it and want to come in again and again and again. 

4. More Choice

Party Higher know there are so many different school fete ideas to choose from on the market – but none that will give your attendees as much choice as a Silent Disco. With Silent Disco’s 3 channel state of the art wireless headphones you have great choice of music, being able to cater to distinctively different tastes and age groups or run different activities on different channels. This means students and visitors are constantly engaging with one another and the music. Because everyone will be waring Silent Disco 4 Kids™ headphones this means you can have your fete activity running in a classroom, marquee, hall or outdoors and not worry about noise pollution or neighbours complaining. There is also the facility to use a microphone and talk through the headphones. This allows teachers and supervisors to be able to pass on instructions or make announcements.

5. Sound that is Safe

Party Higher ensure that the volume levels on the Wireless Headphones are set at a safe level for kids and every headphone has adjustable volume control. If you need a break, just take off the headphones! There’s no more yelling into another person’s ear over the music to have a conversation. Party Higher’s silent discos are a school fete idea that is totally fuss free, fun, and safe. 

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We also offer a whole range of other services and activities to compliment your fete, e.g.:

  • UV Face and Body Painting
  • Healthy fruit based Slushy Machines
  • Photo booths
  • Silent Yoga
  • DJs

Party Higher would love to hear about what school fete ideas you are considering, as we can tailor a special package, just for you. Head over to our testimonials page and see for yourself why our customers keep choosing us. 

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Travel fees may apply: If your event is more than 30km from the CBD then there is a travel fee of $1/km return.

More importantly we can tailor a specific solution around your school committee’s wish list, so talk to us today and make your next school fete an unforgettable experience for all. Call toll Free 1300 734 726 Now to see if your school date is available