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Looking for an original idea for your School Fundraiser?

When you book with Party Higher, every student will want to be there and not miss out, we have the most fun and unique kids party idea – that is Silent Disco 4 Kids™! Our events are non-stop fun for all ages, adults will want to join in too, our events cater to people of all ages and music tastes. This is the perfect solution for you if you have a special fundraising event for your school, or even a selected charity you wish to raise funds for.

Party Higher have won awards for our amazing fundraising Silent Disco events, in fact, we are the winner or Best New Fundraiser, Australia, as selected by the Fundraising Directory, for 2019. We have won these awards not only because we are able to fundraise for schools so successfully, but also due to our level of professionalism and commitment to our customers. We pride ourselves on being able to get as many people dancing, engaged and entertained – all at the one time. Unlike other school fundraiser ideas – where you are limited to one person at a time, say on a jumping castle or giant slide – our events can cater to huge groups of people simultaneously.


Benefits of running a Silent Disco 4 Kids™ at your school Fundraiser:

1. Attract more people, Raise more money

Being a new international phenomenon, sweeping the world, Silent Disco 4 Kids™ improves your chances of increasing attendance and raising more money for your school or charity. Not only is it now one of Australia’s most popular kids party ideas, it is a very successful fundraiser.

2. More Fun

Silent Disco is very social and creates more interaction between students. Our Party Facilitator / DJ engages everyone with activities, creating great community spirit and transforms your venue into a visual spectacle with our lights, lasers and special effects.

3. More Choice

You have so much choice when you fundraise for school with Silent Disco’s 3 channel state of the art wireless headphones, which light up red, green or blue, depending on the channel you are on. This is one of the most flexible and adaptable kids party ideas for any scenario – as you can have a kids party facilitator on one channel, and two other channels of different kinds of music. Or you can have three channels of different music running, or even a DJ on one channel – budget permitting. This level of choice means students can switch to the channel their peers are on constantly engaging with one another and the music.

Everyone will be wearing our special Silent Disco 4 Kids™ headphones so you can have your fundraiser activity running almost anywhere, be it in a classroom, marquee, hall or outdoors. You won’t need to worry about noise, pollution or neighbours complaining.

At any time, during the event, you have the option to use a microphone and talk through the headphones. This ensures maximum safety and control while you fundraise at school – as this allows teachers and supervisors to be able to pass on instructions or make announcements as necessary. 

4. Sound that is Safe

We ensure that the volume levels on the Wireless Headphones are set at a safe level for kids and every headphone has adjustable volume control.

If you need a break, just take off the headphones! There’s no more yelling into another person’s ear over the music to have a conversation.

We also offer a whole range of other services and activities to compliment your event, e.g.:

– UV Face and Body Painting
– Healthy fruit based Slushy Machines
– Photo booths
– Silent Yoga

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Party Higher’s Silent Discos are one of Australia’s most popular school fundraiser ideas. We can tailor a specific solution around your school committee’s wish list, so talk to us today and make your next school Fundraiser an unforgettable experience for all.

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