Silent Disco

If you have never experienced Silent Disco then you will have missed out on the most Exhilarating, Unifying, FUN party entertainment of the 21st Century. 

Silent Disco utilises High Quality Wireless Headphones with three channels to choose from and your own adjustable volume it takes any party to A NEW LEVEL OF FUN.

  • 3 Channels of different music genres means 3 times more people dancing and 3 times the FUN!!!
  • More Social –  to talk just take of headphones and talk without having to yell.
  • Better then Karaoke – Everyone sings as loud as they want without annoying others with their bad singing…..LOL (Take off your headsets and hear others singing and humming – You will laugh your head off.
  • No disturbing the neighbours or attracting gate crashes or the police.
  • Satisfy all relatives, friends or guests no matter what age they are or music style they prefer.  
  • Silent Disco is truly the best music invention since the record player.

Party Higher are The Wireless Headphone Specialists and do over a 1000 events each year across Australia and Overseas. 

We are the only Entertainment company to Specialise in Silent Discos and our wireless headphone services fully staffed and hassle free:

  • Silent Disco
  • Silent Disco 4 Kids
  • Silent Yoga
  • Silent Meditation
  • Silent Dance Classes
  • Silent Cinema
  • Silent Conferences/Seminars
  • Silent Expos
  • Silent Aged Care
  • Silent School Incursions
  • Lights, Lasers and special effects

And lots more…

Most importantly our services come with a 100% FUN Guarantee* that is how confident we are that you will have the most memorable event ever.

Call us on 1300 734 726 or 1300 7 DISCO to chat to our friendly staff and find out more.