Silent Disco has revolutionised entertainment for all ages, and there’s something in it for you too

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By now, many of you would have probably heard about silent disco, or someone throwing a silent party – for a kids’ birthday, or even a work Christmas party. While the technology has improved rapidly since its inception, the underlying principle is still the same – people dance to music listened to on wireless headphones, and rather than using a speaker system, music is broadcast via a radio transmitter with the signal being picked up by wireless headphone receivers worn by the participants. Those without the headphones hear no music, giving the effect of a room full of people dancing to nothing.

This concept first appeared in Astroboy’s 1967 Japanese science fiction story “The Summer of 1993”, where Astroboy himself attended a silent party where everyone wore headphones, and again in 1969, there was a Finnish science fiction film Ruusujen Aika (A Time of Roses), where characters wore headphones at a party.

However; it was not until 1999 at a festival in Texas, starring The Flaming Lips – that a silent disco party, then called a ‘headphone concert’ took place in front of a live audience – a normal speaker system was also used so the music could be ‘felt’ and heard by everyone in attendance. This event saw a plethora of technical issues come to the fore, including numerous flat batteries and intoxicated patrons not being able to ‘tune in’ properly to the right frequency.

In the following years, silent disco, and silent parties have evolved to have three channels available simultaneously – with usually no other speaker system what so-ever, and channels pre-tuned to either live bands, DJs, or playlists. Now silent disco is a regular and highly effective technological component of festivals such as Glastonbury, Bonnaroo, Rainbow Serpent, Big Day Out, Confest, Moomba, Vivid Festival, White Night and hundreds more. It’s not just festivals that have taken up the world-wide phenomenon, but party equipment-hire companies have added silent disco hire to their product offerings, for individuals to hire silent disco equipment for their own personal use.

One of the key benefits in adopting silent disco technology for events, festivals, and parties, is the ability for organisers to circumvent noise pollution and noise restriction requirements. In fact, some festival organisers originally chose to host a silent party for this very reason, so their event could run into the evening and not be subject to noise pollution laws or curfews, only to realise attendees loved it and got lost in the bliss of the silent disco experience.

Party Higher is a fully equipped wireless headphone specialist, with silent disco being one of our main services provided, along-side other silent parties and events, as well as silent disco hire. We host silent parties and other silent events every day of the year and have consistently witnessed individuals experiencing silent disco for the first time, and becoming so engaged with the music, and atmosphere – they have an unforgettable experience. Just like one of our recent new customers:

 “You put on the headphones and you just can’t help but smile and dance, it’s so good”. Billie (18 y/o) at a private silent party with a live DJ.

It has been almost 20 years since the very first silent disco event, and there are now thousands of these silent parties and silent events each year around the world. The standard technology at a silent party now is having a UHF radio frequency transmit music or any audio for that matter from a transmitter to wireless headphones. Each headphone has adjustable volume and up to 3 channels to select from. This multi-channel capacity is another key benefit of silent disco as conveyed by many of our customers. Having more than one kind of music playing simultaneously across three channels – means up to three times as many people dancing at any silent party at the one time; and caters to multiple musics and genre tastes. This aspect also appeals to individuals perceived control of the entertainment experience – as they can switch between music channels as they please. Headsets are all equipped with a safe, adjustable volume switch too. Here’s some feedback from an event we did with the National Gallery of Victoria:

“… your service and energy were amazing. You managed to have everyone dancing and having a blast for our launch of the Melbourne Now exhibition. That’s not easy with such a variety of attendees from artists and youth to corporate and senior NGV members. The fact that you managed to cater for all generations and their music tastes is a credit to you and your service. Thank you.” – Emily ‎ – Public Programmer at NGV National Gallery of Victoria

From an event organiser’s perspective – this aspect creates a highly inclusive atmosphere and ensures maximum engagement of attendees. Where normally at an event if you don’t like the DJ or bands’ music then you would walk of the dance floor; at a silent disco, you just switch to another channel and continue dancing. Party Higher have run events where we have had three DJ’s verse each other, or one DJ and two playlists or just three playlists all dependant on the budget and requirements of the client.

On par with the growth in the popularity of using and experiencing silent disco technology, is the number of competitors in the silent disco entertainment space, both in silent disco hire for personal use, and the booking of silent disco events through a silent disco entertainment company. Party higher with now almost ten years’ experience in running silent disco events and silent parties, has seen the marketplace flooded with new suppliers looking to take advantage of this increase in demand. Party Higher, however, is the only silent disco supplier who has product and service offerings available for a wide range of customer types. Party Higher is also the only silent disco event company that has a 100% money back fun guarantee – which was created due to our high level of customer service and professionalism – and due to the amount of terrible service, other silent disco and silent party suppliers were offering. We want people to know that when they book a silent disco; or are seeking silent disco hire of equipment – all they need to do is make the booking and we will take care of the rest, guaranteed.

Party Higher is the only silent disco entertainment company that has programs designed specifically, for children, as part of our Silent Disco 4 Kids Parties, school incursions, and school holiday programs. These silent parties are targeted at kids 4-12 years old and hosted by a professional party facilitator who is trained and experienced to work with children. Under lights, lasers and a smoke machine, each child wears their own pair of wireless headphones – and the facilitator takes kids through specially designed party and dancing games, keeping them engaged and entertained for the duration of the event.  We have had lots of wonderful feedback from children at silent parties:

“We had a Silent Disco theme party for my 8-year-old daughter and 19 friends. They all had a great time! They loved rocking to their favourite songs, so much so that it was hard to bring the party to an end. In my daughter’s own words, “the best party I’ve ever had.” – Karin – South Caulfield

From an event organiser’s perspective – this aspect creates a highly inclusive atmosphere and ensures maximum engagement of attendees. Where normally at an event if you don’t like the DJ or bands’ music then you would walk of the dance floor; at a silent disco, you just switch to another channel and continue dancing. Party Higher have run events where we have had three DJ’s verse each other, or one DJ and two playlists or just three playlists all dependant on the budget and requirements of the client.

Run in a similar manner to our kid’s parties, are our school silent disco incursions – we now have seven different types. These have all been mapped to the Australian School Curriculum Standards, and developed in conjunction with educational professionals:

Silent Disco 4 Kids Party Incursion (headphones provided):

Children are provided special wireless headphones and are taken through a series of games, activities and dances all under disco lights, lasers and special effects. Designed for any age with safe adjustable volume, your children will bop away, singing and smiling from ear to ear. Guaranteed to be the best Fun ever.

Silent Disco Hip-Hop Crazy Dance Party Incursion (headphones provided):

Our silent disco 4 kids party has proved to be a huge hit – so we’re stepping it up a level! This time we’ll learn a range of Hip Hop and crazy dance moves and play interactive party games for all ages. Kids will have their own special wireless headphones and will dance away with disco lights, lasers and even a smoke machine. Kids will learn some new cool dances or just enjoy fun games and activities. The ultimate silent party to learn new dance moves.

World Games – A Multicultural Incursion (headphones provided):

Australia is one of the most multicultural countries in the world, so Party Higher developed a bonding, multicultural, FUN silent disco Incursion. Imagine experiencing music, dance & games from around the world. Kids will have a ball playing different games from different cultures whilst listening to music from around the globe, learning famous overseas dances and competing in a world trivia contest. This program is a multicultural experience that will bring together children of all backgrounds to teach them tolerance, equality and most importantly, that regardless of nationality, religion or belief we are all the same.

Silent 3B Sports Incursion (headphones provided):

The ultimate Sports Themed incursion providing FUN, INCLUSIVE & ENGAGING activities that will stimulate your kids.

Body (Promoting physical movement, co-ordination and teamwork with cool games such as Vortex Javelin, Bean Bag Shot-put, Boxercise Tag & Dancing)

Brain (Olympic/World Trivia & educating kids with Olympic sports techniques)

Belief (Mindfulness through a guided headphone meditation and Positive thinking Olympic stories)

Up to 30 kids = 1.5hr Incursion session

31 – 100+ kids = 2 x 1hr Incursion sessions

Party Higher’s Silent 3B SPORTS Incursion will combine Wireless Headphone Technology (Silent Disco) with Sports Games and Trivia & Meditation to create an energetic, fun-filled, inspirational experience for your kids.:

The M.A.D. Incursion (Headphones provided):

You would be MAD to miss Party Higher’s Music, Art & Dance Incursion.

From the creators of Silent Disco 4 Kids Party, Silent Hip-Hop & 3B Olympics, Party Higher have created the craziest, fun, interactive Incursion that combines creative art, dancing and games all whilst listening to different music through special wireless headphones. Our facilitator will instruct them taking them through a series of activities that will have them smiling like the Mona Lisa.

The children will have an awesome time – just don’t tell them it is therapeutic and educational.

This program was developed with the help of the Australian Creative Arts Therapies Association, the Australian Music Therapy Association and the Dance Therapy Movement Association of Australia.

Guaranteed to be FUN, CREATIVE & ENGAGING for all ages


Silent Drama Sports (headphones Included):

Like acting? Like Games? Like music and dancing? … Then you will love this FUN, ENERGETIC New Program. Bringing Theatre Games, Drama Competitions, Dance Challenges, Wonders of the World Charades and lots more.

Lights, Action, Role…let the FUN begin.

Silent Superheroes Party (Headphones Included):

Put on your cape and mask and come join the fun of Silent Disco 4 Kids Superhero Party.

With the latest music and high-tech headphones play Superhero trivia and interactive Superhero dancing games. Discover the resilience in you and learn to be a hero at your holiday program, your school, your home and your community.

The feedback on these silent disco programs is always positive:

“Your incursions are engaging and inclusive and our students love them. You tailor them for each year level and they can’t get enough. Well done Party Higher.” – Christ Church Grammar School – Jessica


“WOW, the feedback was unanimous – Students said it was THE BEST event the school has ever done!!! Grade 2 to year 12 – all of the students said they loved it.” – Aaron Denshen – Co Director, Bialik College

These programs, which are targeted at children and young people, can be adapted to a multi-age silent disco event. Where you can entertain the kids on one channel with games and activities on another channel for parents and a third for seniors or preschool – we can play any three genres to cater for entertaining diverse groups/ages.

Party Higher also provides entertainment for hundreds of adult 18th, 21st birthday parties, and celebrations every year – with up to three channels of music available at your silent disco, many select to have a DJ on one channel, and two channels of music for diverse music tastes. Another major benefit of hosting a silent party is that if you wish to talk to another person at the celebration, then all you need to do is just take off your headphones and you can have a real conversation without having to yell over music or noise – making it more social than any other form of music entertainment. Our silent party events are perfect for birthday parties at home as you won’t be disturbing the neighbours, so you can party all night long.

Our silent disco programs have also been tailored for businesses and corporations – and include the following product offerings:

  • Silent Disco
  • Silent Cinema
  • Silent Yoga (With our professional Yoga Instructor)
  • Silent Meditation (Guided and non-guided available)
  • Silent Dance Classes (Any dance style you want)
  • Silent Zumba/Exercise (Professional Coach)
  • Silent Team Building (Specially designed organizational development interactive games and activities)

These silent parties and events can be run independently, or organizers can select the perfect combination of each, to suit a business’s requirements. For example; for an end of year celebration or party – silent disco is perfect for this; however if your organization is in need of a motivational re-set, or if you have recently gone through a restructure – select from the items above to create the perfect Silent Team Building package, i.e. Silent Team Building, Silent Meditation, and then Silent Disco to celebrate at the end. Our silent disco technology; combined with our highly professional staff and our unique organizational development games guarantee the perfect opportunity for staff to be left feeling engaged, motivated and valued. Here’s some feedback from one of our corporate clients:

We engaged the services of the professional team at Party Higher, to entertain and motivate all 500 of our staff. I assumed some people would be hesitant to get involved, but everyone loved it. We had games and activities, then yoga and a Silent Disco at the end – it was an amazing day. – Mark – Pfizer

Silent disco technology is also ideal for seminars, conferences and expos – as wearing the wireless headphones increases attendee engagement and avoids noise distractions, while delivering product and service messages clearly, regardless of where the audience is seated. Many organizations regularly seek our silent disco hire services for this very purpose.

“I have never had a more engaged audience when presenting at a conference” – Angela – 42 y/o –

Party higher are also proud to be running our Silent Disco Aged Care program across aged care residences, nationally. This program is one hour long – and involves a special combination of physical and cognitive exercise, this is a music and physical therapy program, in the guise of Fun. We love hearing about the significant, positive impact this silent disco program is having on those aging, some of which are suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s:

“Don’t tell my family this but it’s the first time I have stood up in 2 years” Silent Disco for Aged Care attendee: Susanne 89 y/o

Our range of silent disco services for entertainment and wellbeing, and silent disco hire for conferences and personal use, ensures that just about anyone can be a part of the silent disco phenomenon taking over the world.