That was the best party my 10 year old daughter has had and has ever been to

The fun started weeks before the party, as my daughter began giving out party invitations her friends were so curious as to what this “Silent Disco” was. Initially we were concerned that they might be a bit young for this concept, but as soon as the kids entered the “Silent Disco” party room, all decked out with lights and smoke, we knew they loved it. It took a few minutes to get everyone into the action, but the DJ did a great job getting everyone involved with some great games. With all the dancing and music and partying if you stepped outside you couldn’t hear anything, -no noise disturbance whatsoever. A few of the parents commented that they couldn’t hear a thing from outside so they wondered if perhaps the party had been somewhere else. Thank you Silent Disco for making it a memorable party for us. We had Silent Disco theme party for my 8 year old daughter and 19 friends. They all had a great time! They loved rocking to their favourite songs, so much so that it was hard to bring the party to an end. In my daughters own words, “the Best party I’ve ever had.” Karin – South Caulfield This was the best party my 10 year old daughter has had and has ever been to.The kids were engaged and there was never a dull moment.There were ‘WOWS’ coming from the children and their parents alike as soon as they entered the room.All the kids had so much fun and they have been raving about the party.Vicki – Mckinnon Parents were also very impressed. The DJ was courteous, professional and knew exactly what to do to get the ball rolling.. The smoke machine and laser lights set the scene right from the very beginning. The room set up was done quickly and efficiently without any hiccups. There were a variety of fun games played such as musical statues and trivia games. Kids loved having the headsets on and it was great that the adults also got a set for themselves so they could have a dance and join in. It was fabulous that you had the option of switching channels on the headset so you could listen to a different song. One of the best features of this party is that it is ‘silent’ so if you want a little break from the music you can just take the headset off for a little while and chill. Parents also enjoyed the overall peace and quiet that this offered. My birthday girl loved the flashing windmill present given to her by the DJ. It is a lovely reminder of her very special 10th birthday. I highly recommend this silent disco party to anyone who would like a smoothly run, fun and original party. Couldn’t be faulted at all. Congratulations Party Higher! The children enjoyed the party in it’s entirety. The ‘wow’ factor was evident as the children entered the room and saw the brilliant laser lights and smoke machine. The music was fabulous and the children enjoyed the games tremendously, especially the trivia balloon popping game. Kids and adults alike loved the fact that you could change your music choice by just flicking a switch on the headphones. Customer service was exceptional, from the initial contact made by Nic up until the very end when Paul was packing up. Nic worked with me patiently to choose a date and was very flexible when I had to change it. He provided invitations when I asked for them and all my queries were answered promptly and without hesitation. Paul was terrific during discussions about the structure of the party. He was great on the night and created a great atmosphere for all. Paul was professional, courteous and engaged. Nothing was too much trouble for him. He helped out when one of the younger children needed to be re directed by making him his assistant. This put all of us at rest!!! Paul went over and beyond the call of duty in a natural, calming way. It is obvious that Paul enjoys what he does, he was the perfect host and DJ.